EMC Charter 2016

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Mohawk Valley Community College

Charter Guidelines for Enrollment Management Council

Purpose Statement:
The purpose of the Enrollment Management Council is to develop and support overall enrollment priorities at the College by gathering information and analyzing available data to make recommendations to Cabinet and key stakeholders in order to effect appropriate and measureable action steps.

Charter Sponsor: Cabinet
Charter Contact: Vice President for Student Affairs
Timeline: Standing

Membership (3 year terms where applicable)
1. Associate Dean of Enrollment & Retention Services, Chair
2. Director of Admissions
3. Workforce Development Representative (2017)
4. Academic Dean (2016)
5. Academic Assistant Dean (2017)
6. Academic Faculty (2015)
7. Academic Faculty (2016)
8. Academic Faculty (2017)
9. Marketing and Communications Staff (2017)
10. Institutional Research Staff (2017)

  • Understand student enrollment trends and demographics
  • Gather and analyze enrollment data
  • Recommend areas of priority focus to Cabinet and key stakeholders with specific emphasis on Academic Programming, Recruitment and Retention goals
  • Consistently refer to the current Strategic Enrollment Plan to inform recommendations.
  • Confer with and utilize the Office of Institutional Research and Analysis as a resource

  • Get lost in the details
  • Limit thinking with can’t do perspectives
  • Stray from the College vision, values, mission, and purpose

  • Keep the College mission front and center
  • Integrate your thinking with regard to the relationships between programs, services, marketing and resources
  • Invite key stake holders as needed to participate in conversations
  • The Cabinet liaison will meet with the EMC two times per semester to discuss progress – address challenges and propose action items to Cabinet.

Revised April 2016