December 17, 2015

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Enrollment Management Council

December 17, 2015

Present: Belinda Alvarado, Bob Decker, Julie Dewan, Jen DeWeerth (chair), Matt Fikes, Rich Haubert, Lew Kahler, Bill McDonald, Jake Mihevc
Excused: Jason Carpenter, Dan Ianno
1. Transfer program recommendation
Lew presented the research he has compiled regarding transfer programs and the new University Partners and Transfer Center (UPTC). These include projections from an SPC subgroup about the size of those programs, enrollment data about our AS and AA programs and student intent to transfer, and data from the adult learner survey from CCED. There was discussion about the potential market for offering bachelor programs on campus and how that could be marketed to enhance recruitment and enrollment for associate degree programs. Lew will pull everything together in a draft and send prior to the first EMC meeting of the spring semester, and following approval, the recommendation can be sent forward. Ideally it will coincide with the UPTC grand opening and call attention to the potential for new enrollment as well as opportunity for our graduating students.

2. College communication and Wiki=
Bob sent items related to nano information sessions, nano advertising, and outcomes to date based on an informal class survey that can be added to the wiki. There is also an international recruitment update from Belinda and Julie. Additional items to be added to the wiki include enrollment projection data and the CCED survey, relevant to both transfer and adult learners. A plan was made to send the all college EMC update communication by email at the start of the spring semester. Once the first EMC recommendation of spring is sent forward, the President could feature that as additional progress in a monthly update.

3. Enrollment projection process
Matt presented a series of graphs designed to show projections based on the cohorts/subgroups identified by the projection project. There was initial discussion about the data, and a determination for people to review carefully and continue review at the next meeting.
Next steps
  • Everyone review data in the trend/projection graphs and prepare questions, thoughts on influencing factors
  • Lew will draft the transfer recommendation
  • Everyone check the wiki and make sure that we have included all the possible supporting data, documentation of effort, and outcomes to date in the plan/table.
  • It was Bob Decker’s final meeting as he is retiring. The group thanked him for stepping in to represent STEM. Jen will follow up to see who will fill that role in the spring.