CCED Inventory


Each Fall, Spring & Summer Semester CCED will send over master course sheets & sections to build. The first step to complete is the Inventory Sheets. These are for any new or existing course that has a change in name, total hours or price. The first step is to go into SCACRSE and enter the subject, course and term. The next step is to enter the course title (must be 24 or less characters) abbreviate if necessary. The college is always (CS). The department is COMS or CORP which will be indicated on the sheet. The status is Active. Approval is usually “N” but could be “R” if the course is remedial state funded. The CIP code must be entered and is provided by CCED Office. The continuing education box is only checked if the course has CEU’s & is gradable. SUNY Institutional Data must all be filled in and the information should be on the inventory sheet that is provided by CCED. Level is usually Continuing Education and Funding is usually self-support. The contact hours must be entered and are provided by the CCED Office. If the course has CEU’S, that must be entered. However, there are not many courses with CEU’s. Go to the next page and enter NC for the level if non-credit or CE for classes with CEU’s. Go to the next page and enter for grade mode “U” for ungradable or “S” for gradable for classes with CEU’s. Make sure the default is checked. On the next page under schedule enter “L” for lecture and save form.
The next step after SCACRSE is to enter the fees for the course in SCADETL. Under section fees Detail Code enter the following CODES and the fee depending on what type of course it is:
COM1 – Adult Continuing Education
COM2 – Kids Continuing Education
COM3 – Corporate Education
TTD1 – Tractor Trailer Driving

Next go to the page with text and type in the complete name of the course and save. Next go to SCASYLB and type in the effective term and complete course title and save the form.

Once you are done with all inventories, you must build each course in SSASECT. If it is a brand new course, type “ADD” in CRN. Proceed to fill in all columns on the first page from the excel sheets that are given to you by CCED. Complete all the following items:

SECTION – “V” section for Adult or “Y” section for child or “Z” for contract course. Follow each letter with course number. Example 01, 02, 03.
CAMPUS – example “U” for Utica or “R” for Rome
SCHEDULE TYPE – “L” for Lecture
GRADE MODE – “U” for ungradable or “S” for gradable
SESSION – “E” for Community or “Z” for Corporate
PART OF TERM – “X” and you must enter the dates and weeks of the course

Only check gradable on this page if the section has CEU’s. Then save and the CRN will be created. Go to the next page and put in the maximum enrollment for the class. On the next page put in days, times, instructor and save the page. The last thing to do when creating a section (CRN) is to make sure the fees are correct in SSADETL. If they are not correct, we need to check SCADETL. If the fee is correct in SCADETL go ahead and change the fee in SSADETL. The two must match. If SCADETL is incorrect, we must call CCED to check on this and possibly send a new inventory sheet to change the fee of the course.
When building a section in SSASECT that has a “rollover” (already has a CRN from last semester), you must start from the last page and delete all previous pages of old information and start from the first page and correct all information. Fees must always be checked in SSADETL for these sections.

The last step is to figure out the census dates and enter them in ARGOS under the following:
Enter the term, census date and CRN to update