April 4, 2016

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Enrollment Management Council

April 7, 2016

Present: Jen DeWeerth (chair), Jason Carpenter, Shahida Dar, Julie Dewan, Dayton Elseth, Matt Fikes, Rich Haubert, Dan Ianno, Lew Kahler, Bill McDonald.
Excused: Jake Mihevc
EMC charter contact Stephanie Reynolds will meet with us on April 21. This provides opportunity for us to think about what we are expected to do, what we’ve been doing, and how we are doing it.
1. What progress do we want to report and what are our next steps and plans?
  • Progress this year includes:
    • The wiki and its maintenance
    • College communication (need more?)
    • Enrollment data and projections
    • Recommendations not just to SPC but also the key leaders connected to them
  • Our recent connection with Hawk Vision, and plans to connect with AA/Deans Team is progress and a next step. Is there even more potential for soliciting input and collecting ideas? Avenues suggested:
    • Faculty caucus
    • Student Affairs and Administrative Affairs
    • Less obvious groups that are generating ideas such as WISE which thinks about STEM and recruiting female students
    • Athletics, since they are always talking to prospective students about what sells the College and what doesn’t, and what programs at other colleges are attractive
    • Students, either in focus groups or by visiting some class sections
    • Faculty/staff focus group at the Summer Institute or other Institutes.
  • One suggestion was to include an EMC email address in regular communications to the college community, to solicit ideas for growing enrollment. We would promise to research those ideas, and make sure we reply back. We could keep a database of that research and our answers. This would be helpful in the future, in case ideas that don’t work now might be raised again in the future.
2. What questions do we have?
  • We want to talk more about the idea that our recommendations have timed with initiatives that already have momentum, and our role is to do more scanning and bring forward new ideas. What would “bigger gambles” or going further out of the box look like?
  • Are we the ones who dream up ideas or are we the researchers who see whether something is in demand/viable and then make recommendations for further development on it?
  • How did we do on the enrollment project role? Did we give Cabinet what was needed? What about moving forward? What does the timetable look like for continuing to do that? When is the right time for us to provide information that will help Cabinet plan for 2017-2018?
  • Is our method of doing some data/research work and then making recommendations working?
  • What should we be doing more of or less of?
3. Additional thoughts about EMC moving forward
  • We need to document what we do and how we do it so that it isn’t lost as membership transitions year to year. This includes a calendar/timetable around enrollment projects.
4. Status of recommendations
  • Taylor Decker headed on recruitment trip to Central/South America. When she returns Dayton can get her report on progress with those recruitment efforts.
  • Nano at Night—the course schedule is hard to explain and market. We discussed that it might be helpful to prepare a short guide for the Creator Handbook that could share best practices for designing evening study programs that could help in the future.
  • Matt and Rich did further research about automotive. There may be concerns about competition with Morrisville, whether more appropriate as degree or certificate, credit or non-credit. Requires follow up.
Action Items (to discuss April 21, and then establish assignments and timeframes)
1) Set up conversations with various college groups and constituencies
2) Return to enrollment projections—especially for Fall 2017
3) Document EMC tasks in a calendar year, timetable for future membership to follow
4) Use EMC email to solicit ideas, set up database to document research and replies
5) Create “evening study” planning guide to include in creator handbook
6) Follow up steps on new program ideas such as automotive/diesel mechanic.