Academic Standing Procedures using PAR GPAs

Academic Standing Procedures

1. Run the Banner Academic Progress program, SHRASTD. ( see Academic Progress Instruction).
2. In ARGOS , run MVCC.Registrar - Updates/Inserts.Academic Progress.REMOVE_NONMATRICS.Dashboard . This takes Academic Progress from non-matriculated students.
3. In ARGOS, RunMVCC.Registrar.Academic Progress.AP Review.AP_Rev Remedial courses.Excel Report . This gives the list of all the students with their true GPA and their PAR GPA. Take the report and divide it by New, Continuing, Returning and Transfer students.
4. Using the standards for academic standing, as listed in the catalog , compare the number of credits with the PAR GPA. Also checking for Presidents and VPS list changes that need to be done.
5. Make changes to the Academic Progress in Banner in SHAINST as appropriate, to both VP and President Lists and to the academic standing.
6. After all changes are made, run the VP and Presidents Lists for distribution to the VPLAA’s office and the Office of Marketing and Communications.