First check to make sure all files are removed from your Data Folder. If there a pmessages there the files will not upload.

Log into EDCONNECT click on globe with arrows. (4th in row) hit Transmission… now.

When transmission completed hit blue x.

Go to Mailbox Query double click message class to organize and locate IGCO17OP (correction files) click on files to transmit - transmission now.

When complete close edconnect

In search (lower left corner) type in CMD – click on and a black screen will appear (C drive) - enter C: hit enter then enter info as in example below:

Open FILEZILLA load esar.tap file only files into both Data and Finaid.
The Data upload will take some time. Close FILEZILLA. See example below.


Wait until you see directory listing successful before going forward. Close FILEZILLA.

Now to BANNER to follow thru steps for correction files.

RCPTP17 - scroll save options review output (parameter = aid year 1617)

RCPMTCH (parameter = aid year) Print

RCRSUSP data source at top is EDE - scroll down, look at status first it is either Suspense or Duplicate-- to locate duplicates or non-matching FAFSA’S.

Run one fafsa at a time until all matched.

If no fafsa to match enter N for new hit save.

Can log out and reenter this screen if you cannot move forward (especially after a N (new) status.

GLBDATA (parameter is CRRN). .. see example below.

insert glbdata jpg here

This parameter will unlock records to make corrections. (scroll down hit save then you will add the aid year 1617 hit save again.)

RORPOST at the top click on remove all select indicator first to clear any other check parameters… click unlock save JRCOKER. See example below.

insert jpg here

Then continue to choose the follow screens and parameters.

RORBPST (parameter 1617)
RCRTP17 save parameter set
RNPFM17 (parameter correction)

insert jpg here

RORGRPS (parameter corrections)
RPEPELL (parameter corrections)
RORPOST parameter to relock ( coker madamo)
See example below

insert jpg here

RORBPST (aid year only)

Now corrections are completed.

Open Data folder on desktop; delete everything but FILECAT


Back to EDCONNECT transmission – mailbox query –organize in order –look for;

Check the boxes and run (will populate data file folder) close when complete.
In search program files type in CMD when black box appears enter C: hit enter see below.

Then enter as indicated in example below.

OPEN FILEZILLA load all files into both data and finaid.

Follow the steps below for new fafsa files.
GLBDATA Parameter is Load_list1617
(use yesterday’s date for tape load here) see example below

Continue to open screens as indicated.
RNPFM17 (not corrections)

Open Filezilla locate CORR17in file in lower right. Then right click to DOWNLOAD file.

Then open EDCONNECT to transmit file. In EDCONNECT across the top line click on File Name, at bottom there is a drop down arrow.

Double click on corr17in file using all files as Files of Type.

Next to that is message class where you will choose corr17 then double click to populate entire row.

Click to save then click on transmission.

(Double click on corr1751…choose all files Double click in box.)

Click on corr17in open box, will populate edconnect.. hit save and transmit now.

Back to Banner

  • GLBDATA choose the parameter CFLAGS (– add aid year add yesterday’s date click to save.

Then choose the next parameter as par_irs_data, (aid year only)

Stu_irs_data (aid year only)

and finally rejects aid year and yesterdays date click to save

RORPOST tab down click remove all select indicators to print one at a time beginning with Pelleu..(there should be two of each).

RORBPST to print.

Remember hover trick to print.




RORBPST PRINT (hover trick)

RPRYYIC to process to ARGOS takes awhile..wait

Close data folder


Now we are going to change tape load to a text file format to be able to print.
In Argos open Financial Aid(Inhouse SQLs) to Aid Advisor – Flagged Errors CFLAG by by Aid Year and Received Date.

Click on Run Dashboard on the right side. Use yesterday’s date -right click, this produces cflags in text file format..

Search for data folder on desktop to save file. Do the same for the rest using todays date where indicated and/or yesterday’s date where indicated or file will not run correctly.

Tapeload - run dashboard execute right click save as Tape

do the same for

Ptax , save as ptax (this takes some time)
Stax..save as stax (this takes some time)
Unofficial..- mike 9/10 previous date.. 2

Now that all these files are showing in your DATAFOLDER.

Go to DATAFOLDER to pull up txt files one by one –delete top line of file not needed and any indents so there is no space which could cause the file count to be incorrect. Save each. After cleanup close data folder

Close Argos

Now open the Mdrive and locate the Financial Aid folder then Tape load.

Open both Access and Excel.

Set EXCELL aside as this is only open to track the number of files downloaded once the tapeload is produced.

In ACCESS hit enable content in middle if shown.

It is in ACCESS where we will print the paperwork.

Now go to TABLES and Click on upper x to clear out all previous tables one by one.

Then choose QUERY (Change table to query) go to EXTERNAL DATA at top click on text file.

Then choose APPEND (in the middle) one by one we will open each file starting with cflags, then ptax, stax, tapeload and after printing the tapeload do unofficials last.

BROWSE data file(click on ptax) open for each stax tap etc

Print the TAPELOAD ONCE IN QUERY (double click on tapeload) enter 2 twice hit okay To print tapeload choose landscape in properties.

.. enter # of tapeload in excel.

Do the UNOFFICIALS SEPARATE in Query then go back to choose TABLES chose unofficial – quick print

Make sure to clear all files out of the datafolder but filecat.