2016-2017 Summary

Enrollment Management Council
2016-17 Summary
May 23, 2017

At the start of the year, EMC adopted an annual work calendar aligned with the College’s planning and budget process so that enrollment projections would be ready at times of the year most helpful to Cabinet decision-making. Additionally, we decided to focus the year on three key efforts:

  1. Implement and hone our data-based enrollment projection using trend analysis with consideration of factors that could bend the trend lines both up and down;
  2. Gather additional input from faculty and staff and our own research to feed into an idea database and consider for future recommendations;
  3. Track progress and results of recommendations and efforts designed to increase enrollment.

At the start of the year we added a new agenda item called Out of the Box to continue to encourage creative out-of-the-box thinking as we entered our third year as a nimble, innovative enrollment council. We started with discussion of Open SUNY where we are one of very few colleges without programs listed, asking about opportunities for online enrollment. Another topic was research on retention as a key aspect of enrollment. A third early topic was historic research on our fall start date. This discussion led to a recommendation to start the fall semester after Labor Day.

Faculty members of the Council called attention to EMC at the fall academic meeting and sent a follow up email to gather faculty and staff ideas for increasing enrollment. Individual members followed up in one on one conversations with those who offered ideas or to serve in focus groups (which were not held, in favor of individual conversations.) As part of monitoring progress on past recommendations, EMC had several discussions about international student recruitment and enrollment.

EMC began reviewing data related to enrollment trends at the end of September and continued to look at both new trend charts as well as to gather information about “factors” throughout the year. We provided a preliminary 2017-18 projection in October and updated it in December. A final enrollment projection was prepared by March 15 following analysis for fall 2016 data and preliminary spring 2017 data. The enrollment projection for fall 2017 was -3%. In early fall, EMC tracked the outcomes for the January 2016 recruitment efforts, and also determined that a similar document in the future must include likely negative impacts as well as efforts with the potential to ben trend lines.

Summary of activities and actions for the year

  • EMC met seven times in fall 2016 and five times in spring 2017 for a total of 12 meetings.
  • EMC reported out to SPC in December on work with enrollment projections and development of recommendations.
  • Two major recommendations were sent forward to Cabinet, SPC and key administrators:
    • November –Late start recommendation
    • April—Career Pathways recommendation
  • EMC also began monitoring carefully enrollment impacts of two major external impacts: Excelsior Scholarship and changes in dual credit funding models.