Welcome to the MVCC wiki!

This site is still very new, so please contribute!!
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What's a wiki?

A wiki is basically just a shared notebook or knowledge-base that anyone can read or contribute to (in our case only faculty and staff are allowed to make changes directly). Contributing is as easy as hitting one of the edit buttons on any page. Anyone (with a staff account) can do it. Whether you want to just fix a typo, improve some wording on an existing page, add a section, or create a whole new page, just hit edit and go.
And the whole thing is searchable! So if you know that some bit of information exists on the wiki but aren't sure where, just do a search.

Department Pages:

Advisement- Degree Information, transfer agreements, office tools, and helpful hints and tips!
Airframe and Powerplant-
BISS- Business Information Social Sciences
Business Office-
CCED - CCED Main Page
Ed Tech - Educational Technologies
ESL Office - English as a Second Language
Hospitality Management Programs -
Human Resources-Human Resources Main Page
Information Technology - Staff directory, openlab hours, lab locations, frequently asked questions, etc..
IRA- Institutional Research
MVCC Libraries -
STEM Center- Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and much more!
VPSA- Vice President for Student Affairs
Rome Campus- 1101 Floyd Avenue, Rome, NY 13440

Commonly sought pages:

Faculty/Staff Phone Directory
Enrollment Management Council
MV Dining- School menus, etc
User Guide - All that you need to know about using this wiki
NANO Utica-


If you are new to wikis I recommend that you start by taking a quick look at our user guide.
Or, if you are feeling brave, there is a much more in depth official tiki user guide here.
But if you are too smart for user guides and just want to hit the ground running you can experiment freely in our Sandbox.

Private sections that are visible only to specific user groups (for inner department use or whatever) are also available. Contact the IT help desk at extension 5711 if you need one set up.

"Where do I go to make a new page?"

If you want to create a new page, but aren't sure where to start, You can start here.

Just like wikipedia, this wiki should be seen as a great place to find information, but not necessarily as a final authority on official information. The ease-of-accessibility focused nature of wikis means that there isn't necessarily a whole lot of oversight over how accurate and up to date the information is. Whenever information found in the wiki conflicts with a more official source of information (such as the main MVCC website), preference should be given to the official source. (And please let someone know about the discrepancy!)